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It is said that long ago in a cursed land, there lived a ruthless King. He lived only to subjugate the weak, and conquer his neighbors. One night, while looking to sate his bloodlust, he came upon a garden. Enraged by its beauty, he burned it to the ground. Laughing at his own depravity, he went to inspect the wreckage, intent on destroying any survivors. There, he found a single Rose. He reached out to grab it, but was pricked by the thorns. The sight of his own blood staining the flower made the King fall desperately in love with the Rose. Every night thereafter, he fondled and caressed the Rose until his advisors grew fearful. They took to the King’s quarters while he was away and set the Rose ablaze. Upon his return, the King found the Rose dead, and in his rage, slaughtered his entire domain. As a final act of grief, the King took his spear and impaled himself with it.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorAnother D20


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