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Multiple light-score away from Troika exists a black hole that none dare speak of. The tunnels of the goblin labyrinth take sharp turns to steer clear of its path. Dragons silence those who dare question what lies therein. The gods themselves refuse to acknowledge such inquiries.

This sphere is named Benidolm, and it is an impossibly-vast bucolic paradise. Boundless fields filled with myriad boxen and extensive rivers are all that the traveller sees at first. That, and the towering crystals that they may occasionally find. These are soul bombs, and they are holding Benidolm hostage. There are travelers who wonder how could one plant such heinous devices on such a perfect world, but they have not seen the real face of Benidolm.

There is a simple cantrip known to all denizens of Benidolm. A simple, passionate whisper of a name under candlelight will take one to a great metropolis of excess and decadence, where subtle war is won by courtship and vivid love is lost by the edge of a knife.

That name is <REDACTED>.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorAnother D20
TagsTabletop, Troika, Tabletop role-playing game, weird


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